Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 is off to a great start!

Well we are back into the swing 0f things after a wonderful Christmas break. Nana, Pop-Pop and Aunt Mimi all made the drive in and we had loads of fun family time. Maggie has been saving her pennies to buy a plane ticket to go visit Mimi, Nana and Pop-Pop. She and Jack sure miss them a lot. Ceci is such a fun little girl. She and Maggie love to play together (or sometimes fight over toys together! :-) We love when we are around Ceci.

Mary Ellen, Jim and sweet baby Jimmy were all in town as well. Maggie talks a lot about "baby Jimmy" who is becoming less of a baby and more of a little boy! He is such a cutie.

Jack and Maggie were in like 42 plays over Christmas! Just kidding, but Jack was Hans from Germany in his first grade production. He had a speaking part and did great in front of the entire school. He was Joseph at a family reunion Christmas play and a Shepperd on Christmas eve. If football and insurance don't work out in his future, Jack can be a thespian!

Maggie was an angel in the church Christmas Eve mass. She was a Shepperd for the family reunion play. Let's just say that Maggie has no fear of performing in crowds!

Jack and Maggie are back in school. Jack said he was sad to go back, but he was full of energy and excitement last Monday morning. He loves to be with his friends (recess and gym are his favorite times) and his teacher has a great sense of humor that lets Jack relax. He is learning about penguins this month. His report card comes home today too! Jack's biggest news is that he is going to the Colts vs. Ravens playoff game next Saturday! He is a die hard fan. I hope he brings home a win for us. It will be a late night, but the McGowan boys are night owls!

Jack has started basketball...his coach is Hugh. They are having a good time with it all.

Maggie had a slower start to getting back to school. She had a bad cough/cold that turned into pneumonia. She has been on prednisone steroids and an antibiotic. She finally went back to school and was so excited. After her fever broke on Wednesday, she said "now I can go to school and play with Libby!" Libby is her best friend at school. They play dress up and house all of the time. She is the youngest in her ballet class and struggles to keep up, but she isn't discouraged at all! She loves dance and to be with the big girls. They are starting to rehearse for their production in May.

Both of the kids are starting swimming lessons tomorrow. Jack is looking forward to it, Maggie says "no way"! (That is why she needs these lessons! :-)

Hugh would kill me to blog about him, but I will anyway because he has exciting news this month. Today, it will be announced at the agency that effective July 1, Hugh will be President of McGowan Insurance Group, Inc! He celebrated 15 years at the agency yesterday. We are so proud of him. His father has been and will continue to be a great mentor for him. Go Hughie!
Max is slowly getting older and better trained. The kids adore him. He is a great dog, but at times he is more demanding than a third child!